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Alexander Bobilev, Principal, iJet Inc, has been appointed ILIAC Acting President....
Annual International Conferences

Annual International Conferences

ILIAC (in collaboration with Russian National Public Library of Science and Technology ) is a coorganizer of world known international conferences and professional study tours, including “CRIMEA” International Conference (17500 participations, 53 countries, 7200 papers in sixteen previous conferences) June, Sudak, Crimea, Ukraine; “LIBCOM” International Conference (7500 participations, 32 countries, 2700 papers in twelve previous conferences) November, Zvenigorod, Moscow Region, Russia; International Workshop “Electronic Resources and International Exchange: East-West”, March, Washington, DC, USA; Columbia University Conference, March,New York, NY, USA; Annual International Conference and Exhibition “ONLINE”, December, London, UK; Annual International Conference and Exhibition “Libraries and Education”, April, Russia


International Conference "Crimea"
"Libraries and Information Resources in the Modern World of Science, Culture, Education, and Business"

International Conference and Exhibition “LIBCOM”
“Information Technologies, Computer Systems and Publications for Libraries”

Annual International Workshop Digital Resources and International Information Exchange: East-West 

Columbia University Conference

The British Library Workshop

International Conference and Exhibition “Libraries and Education”


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