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Google and Libraries

An International Conference Sponsored by

ILIAC, The Harriman Institute and Columbia University Libraries, METRO

[Information about these organizations follows at the conclusion of the program]


School of International and Public Affairs, [1] Columbia University

Monday, March 10, 2008, 8:45AM – 4:30PM


Program & Speakers

[Detailed information follows below]



Keynote Speaker: Yakov Shraiberg, Google and the Libraries of Russia & the CIS


Jill Cirasella, Reference Retooled: How Google Tools Strengthen and Streamline Reference Service


Laura Quilter, Google, Digitization Projects, & Library Contracts


Siva Vaidhyanathan, The Googlization of Everything


What hath Google wrought and what does it promise or threaten to do to, and for, libraries?


Questions such as the following concerning Google and libraries, collections, and librarians will be addressed at this one-day conference:


What will become of libraries? What will become of library collections? What will become of librarians and support staff? What will become of the print medium and generally all information that does not, or cannot be made to, reside on the Web? How has Google impacted the libraries of Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS)?


Originating as a program for a study tour this year for Russia and CIS librarians to meet and exchange ideas with Slavic area librarians in the tri-state NYC metropolitan area, the Google and Libraries conference has been expanded to include an especially U.S. focus on Google and its impact and possible future development. It will be of critical interest to everyone working in libraries and the information sector, especially libraries in North America.


The four speakers represent an extraordinary level of expertise and experience, as well as a variety of backgrounds. They are exceptionally well-qualified to address the issue of Google and Libraries from their respective perspectives.


Anyone concerned with the future of libraries and librarianship in the age of Google is the target audience for this conference.

8:00 – 8:45 AM Registration & Refreshments


Introductions: Greetings from Columbia University Libraries, ILIAC, and the Chair of the Conference Committee


9:00 AM - Morning Program:


1. Yakov Shraiberg, Keynote Speech: Google and the Libraries of Russia and the CIS.


Director of the Russian National Public Library for Science and Technology (http://www.iliac.org/), and President of ILIAC. ILIAC, under Mr. Shraiberg's leadership, has been responsible for the 14 annual international Crimea Conferences, the most greatly attended conference of Russian-speaking and other librarians and exhibitors in the world. 2008 will be the year of the Fifteen International Jubilee: Crimea Conference 2008, to be held in Sudak, Ukraine, on the shore of the Black Sea.


Refreshments Break


2. Jill Cirasella, Reference Retooled: How Google Tools Strengthen and Streamline Reference Service.


Ms. Cirasella (http://userhome.brooklyn.cuny.edu/cirasella/#pubs), Assistant Professor, Computational Sciences Specialist, Brooklyn College Library, has published and spoken extensively on Google, and reference service and related issues. Ms. Cirasella's website lists and provides access to many articles this and related reference and online issues. She has B.A. (summa cum laude) in computer science, Amherst College; M.S., Library and Information Studies, Simmons College; and, M.S. (with honors), in logic, Institute for Logic, Language and Computation, Universiteit van Amsterdam, The Netherlands (funded by a Netherland-American Foundation Fulbright Grant)


Lunch [included and served on the premises]


1:00PM Afternoon Program


3. Laura Quilter, Google, Digitization Projects, & Contracts.


Ms. Quilter (http://lquilter.net/index.php), is an attorney-at-law, a librarian and a world authority on intellectual property issues. Since 2005 she has been in private practice, consulting and doing research, and serves as consultant for non-profit organizations in matters concerning open source licensing, employee intellectual property rights, cultural economy, municipal wireless, "long tail" economics, and related topics. Ms. Quilter also was Counsel for the Brennan Center for Justice, NYU School of Law. (Counsel, Feb. 2006 - Feb. 2007), and the Coordinator, Fair Use Network, of the Free Expression Policy Project. Ms. Quilter has written and spoken voluminously in a myriad of written, online, and public venues. She has a B.A. from New College, University of Alabama; a M.S. Library and Information Science, University of Kentucky; and J.D. from Boalt Hall School of Law, University of California, Berkeley. Her achievements, honors, and breadth of experience are extraordinary.


Particularly pertinent to today's talk is Ms. Quilter's perspective regarding democracy, representation, and alternative voices. "Those excluded from power are often the first to use new and alternative means of communication. Unfortunately, archival and preservation efforts generally lag behind the technology, learning to understand the value of the speech, and then rushing to capture and preserve it. Digitization offers unparalleled opportunities to capture, document, and preserve alternative voices, the subaltern, feminist and radical histories that express themselves in a variety of media that would otherwise be lost. Digitization, however, is only the first step in preserving these histories. Without public dissemination and access, the hidden and forgotten histories may stay hidden. To facilitate digital distribution and reproduction in a permissions culture, traditional legal norms and library practices need to be retrofitted." (See URL, above.)


Refreshments Break


4. Siva Vaidhyanathan, The Googlization of Everything


Mr. Vaidhyanathan (http://www.law.virginia.edu/lawweb/Faculty.nsf/PrFHPbW/sv2r; http://www.sivacracy.net/; http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Siva_Vaidhyanathan), is Associate Professor of Media Studies and Law at the University of Virginia. A cultural historian and media scholar, he is the author of Copyrights and Copywrongs: The Rise of Intellectual Property and How it Threatens Creativity (New York University Press, 2001) and The Anarchist in the Library: How the Clash between Freedom and Control is Hacking the Real World and Crashing the System (Basic Books, 2004). His most recent book is the edited (with Carolyn de la Peña) collection, Rewiring the Nation: The Place of Technology in American Studies (Johns Hopkins University Press, 2007). Vaidhyanathan has written for American Scholar, The Chronicle of Higher Education, The New York Times Magazine, MSNBC.COM, Salon.com, openDemocracy.net, Columbia Journalism Review, The Nation, and others. After five years as a professional journalist, Vaidhyanathan earned a Ph.D. in American Studies from the University of Texas at Austin, where he also earned his B.A. He has taught at Wesleyan University, the University of Wisconsin at Madison, Columbia University, New York University. He is a fellow at both the New York Institute for the Humanities and the Institute for the Future of the Book.


Conclusion of Conference





Attendance Charge (includes refreshments and lunch):


Columbia University Libraries Staff: $50

METRO Member Library Staff: $75

Non-METRO Libraries: $90


Please register & pay to: [TO BE WORKED OUT WITH METRO]




Google and Libraries Planning Committee:


Maurice J. Freedman, Publisher, Past President, ALA, and Publisher, The U*N*A*B*A*S*H*E*DTM Librarian; Jenna Freedman, Coordinator of Reference Service, Barnard College Library; Jared Ingersoll, Director, Central Library, Vanderbilt University; Ksenia Volkova, Senior Researcher, Russian National Public Library for Science and Technology, Moscow, Russia, and ILIAC Moscow Representative.




The International Library, Information, and Analytical Center (ILIAC) is a non-profit US-based corporation of international status set up with the goal to contribute to the development of educational, scientific, cultural and business cooperation between Russia and CIS countries, and the USA and other developed countries. As part of its educational program, ILIAC promotes the regular exchange of teachers, students, and professionals. In attendance will be two-dozen or more English-speaking Russian and CIS librarians who are visiting study-tour participants.


The Harriman Institute, formerly the Russian Institute, has maintained its position as a leading center for the advancement of knowledge in the field of Russian and Eurasian studies through the research conducted by its faculty, students, fellows and visiting scholars and the training of scholars and professionals. The Harriman Institute, through its programs, conferences, lectures, and publications, seeks to create a forum for intellectual exchange and the further enhancement of our students' education.


The Metropolitan New York Library Council (METRO) is a non-profit organization working to develop and maintain essential library services throughout New York City and Westchester County. METRO's services are developed and delivered with broad input and support from an experienced staff of library professionals, the organization's member libraries, an active board of trustees, government representatives and other experts in research and library operations.






[1] The School of International and Public Affairs (SIPA) is located at 420 West 118th Street between Amsterdam Avenue and Morningside Drive, in New York City.

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