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Russian Library in America

Russian Library in America is a unique library in the USA, founded on the initiative and with the sponsorship of ILIAC with the support of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation. Books from the stock of the Russian Library are of indisputable interest not only to the Russian expat community in the USA, but also to the American public interested in the problems of Russian regions. Works on the foundation of the library were started in 1999. The library stock is based on publications characterizing the modern image of Russian regions, and this makes the library dramatically different from the majority of American libraries, which have collections in Russian.
This library is basically a stock of Russian regional editions on the issues of legislation, historical and cultural legacy, local history, ethnography, religion, and on other topics that may give a full and comprehensive impression of Russian regions. As a matter of fact, Russian Library in America has become the first library of this kind abroad.
Russian Library in America was planned to function either as an independent library, or as an independent department of an existing library, or as an information center.
The organizers of the Russian Library in America started to look for an organization that would be able to keep it as a separate collection.
In 2005 Walsh library of Seton Hall university (South Orange, New Jersey, USA) became interested in the project. It already had Italian and French collections, and had long wanted to open a Russian library, as in Seton Hall university there were popular Russian programs for students, and in South Orange there was a large Russian expat community, that could also use Russian library in Seton Hall university.
The official opening of the Russian Library in America was held in March 2007 in Walsh library of Seton Hall university during a traditional workshop. 1000 copies of books and CDs were given to Walsh library to form the basis of the Russian Library in Seton Hall university.
International Library Information and Analytical Center (ILIAC) continues to donate books to this specialized library of Russian regional editions in the USA (on the basis of the Seton Hall university library).
In the Russian National Public Library for Science and Technology in Moscow a similar “Russian Regions” specialized library was opened in 2002 for Russian users.

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