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ILIAC representatives took part in the 80th IFLA General Conference and Assembly in Lyon, France and in a joint IFLA CLM and EBLIDA meeting in Strasbourg on August 13-21, 2014. CLM stands for Copyright and Other Legal ...
Sixth International Workshop
Electronic Resources and International Information Exchange: East-West
The Year 2003 Topic: America and Russia on the Way to Global Information Society

Session 1
International Cooperation in the Field of Library and Information Services: Input of the U. S. and Russia
Tuesday, March 11, 2003
American Councils for International Education

1776 Massachusetts Avenue, N.W., Suite 700, Washington, DC

Andrei Zemskov, Director, Russian National Public Library for Science and Technology, Moscow, Russia 
Lester Pourciau, ILIAC Board of Directors Member, Memphis, TN, USA

Session 2
Role of Public Libraries in Cultural Heritage Preservation in Digital Environment
Wednesday, March 19, 2003
New York Public Library
Fifth Avenue & 42nd Street, New York, NY

Edward Casinec, Slavic & Baltic Division Head, New York Public Library, New York, NY, USA 
Yakov Shrayberg, President, ILIAC; First Deputy Director, Russian National Public Library for Science and Technology, Moscow, Russia

Session 3
Round Table “Role of Libraries in Moving to Information Society”
Thursday, March 20, 2003
Ferguson Library
One Public Library Plaza, Stamford, CT

Ernest Di Mattia, Director, Ferguson Library, Stamford, CT, USA 
Mikhail Goncharov, Executive Secretary, ILIAC; Information Technologies Department Head, Russian National Public Library for Science and Technology, Moscow, Russia

Sessions chairs are very well known professionals in both countries. To submit your paper(s) for presentation please contact: 
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