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Alexander Bobilev, Principal, iJet Inc, has been appointed ILIAC Acting President....
2012 - Fourteenth International Workshop. Session 1

Fourteenth International Workshop “Electronic Resources and International Exchange: East- West”. Session 1:

Round table at Princeton Public Library


Firestone Library, Princeton University

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Workshop language: English


Noon Arrival at Princeton Public Library
Welcome by Executive Director Leslie Burger and Associate Director Peter Bromberg 

12:15 – 1:15 Lunch and Conversation and Q & A about the Princeton Public Library 

Topics covered:

  • Role of public libraries in the US
  • How PPL fulfills and exceeds that role
  • Facts about Princeton: population, operating budget, tax support and private support, per capita expenditures, materials budget, annual visits, annual loans
  • What makes us different – community engagement and community building, response to different learning styles, ability to embrace change, funding to support innovation, community support
  • Changing role of libraries in meeting community’s information needs – move from transactional to collaborative assistance, changes in collection buying, changes in staffing to meet new needs – more assistance with technology, connecting people with the information they need, personal assistance
  • Technology in public libraries – what’s new here – MacLab, macbook pro cart, move to more wireless and fewer desktops, mobile apps, website, digital content
  • Community programs – number, scope and attendance and how programs support our mission
  • Getting the message out – connections, e-newsletter, twitter, facebook, blog, website, community outreach
  • Other topics the group may be interested in
  • Q and A


1:15 – 2:00 Tour of Princeton Public Library (led by Leslie Burger, Peter Bromberg)

2:00 Reassemble in lobby, escort group to Firestone Library


2:15 Firestone Library

Welcome by Marvin Bielawski, Deputy University Librarian

Overview of Princeton and its libraries


Topics covered:

  • How the university libraries serve academia and students in their research
  • Role of technology is supporting research
  • Importance of physical libraries in the university setting
  • Collection development
  • How the University library is dealing with copyright issues and fair use


4:00 Visit to Science Library

4:30 Visit to Princeton University Art Museum

5:30 Depart for Washington, DC


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